On the debut episode of the My Posing Coach's podcast, Amy Fox gets deep with Transformation WBFF Competitor, Maria Tsakirios. Maria has learned to thrive amongst positive energy. However, the road to the stage wasn't a smooth one and battling with Multiple Sclerosis.⁣

Tune in to this incredible episode of perseverance, self belief and 100% integrity with a true transformation inspiration.⁣

4:20 Maria's adventurous childhood to raising her high-spirited daughter, Sia.⁣

5:50 Maria's husband's deterioration with the MS.⁣

14:55 Maria's marriage breakdown and how she lost her sense of self from being defined by a care-giver role.⁣

18:55 Having reached rock bottom after a paralysing relapse, Maria cleansed her life of social toxicity.⁣

21:00 How Maria rebuilt her confidence despite confronting prospects for her future health.⁣

26:00 The importance of a reliable support system.⁣

28:33 How she lost 120 kgs to WBFF stage ready and her advice to people wanting to transform their bodies.⁣

32:30 Why Maria focuses on creating a village around her and pushing her limits to achieve her goals by using training as her therapy.


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