On this episode of the My Posing Coach Podcast, Amy Fox gets some raw life advice from former Vision and BodyTrim entrepreneur turned keynote speaker, Geoff Jowett. With a lifetime of professional success and personal hardship, Geoff knows the value of genuine connection and purpose. If you need to re-calibrate and rediscover what inspires you, listen in to Geoff's entertaining take on materialism, greed and workaholics.⁣

2:25 Geoff distinguishes between feeling and achieving success, what does it mean to be truly successful?⁣

6:45 The 'Disease of More' and what is the common attribute between Geoff's clients who feel discontent despite their overwhelming professional success.⁣

13:54 Geoff shares his own experience with depression and offers constructive advice on how to find your light and regain your self worth.⁣

25:19 Why did Geoff kill the coffee date? Amy asks Geoff about reclaiming time and distinguishing between those who want to help and those who want to hinder.⁣

30:55 Geoff asks the listener to interrogate their own victim complex and gain a wider perspective of their life, the integrity of their connections and the choices they make on an everyday basis.⁣

35:53 Amy asks Geoff to connect his life experiences and life coaching into the world of Bodybuilding. The two discuss the best and worst parts of Bodybuilding Competition for your mental clarity and self image.⁣

44:03 "Comparison is the thief of joy".⁣

49:46 Amy and Geoff end the podcast on valuable parting advice, how do you make yourself and others happy?