Having played baseball, Australian football and American football at elite levels, Jacinda has a first hand insight into what it takes to perform in top-tier sports. For Jacinda, professional sports requires a specific kind of determination and commitment to success. However, sportswomen also face an entirely new set of unique challenges that limit their potential for the same success as other athletes. For an in-depth understanding of the world of female sports, listen to this episode of the My Posing Coach Podcast.⁣

8:37 Jacinda covers her extensive history with injuries, how she got them and the strategies she used to achieve a full recovery.⁣

18:01 Where Jacinda is now in professional AFL, what her training is like and her mindset to perform at her best every game.⁣

19:39 Jacinda and I discuss our training sessions in the gym and the techniques that have elevated Jacinda's explosiveness on the field.⁣

21:58 I ask Jacinda about team dynamics in professional sports and how she approaches the various teams she has taken part in throughout her career.⁣

27:48 Jacinda shares the nutritional advice her team mates and herself follow to perform at the elite athletic level.⁣

31:27 Jacinda shares her insights on gender equality in Australian professional sporting circles and where she sees female sports progressing in the future.⁣

33:30 I ask Jacinda about her experience in the Chicago Blues and the level of sex discrimination in the US.⁣

37:07 Jacinda shares her perspective on strategies to support sportswomen and promote their professional athletic success in the long-run.