I invite Physique and Prep Coach, Bodybuilding Competitor and Nutritionist, Maria Andriano to discuss the experiences that have formed her unique approach to Competition Prep as well as Gen Pop training. With a background in professional sport, Maria is driven to achieve excellence in all areas of her life. With relatable and easily implementable nutrition tips to support a healthy lifestyle and promote higher training performance, Maria's advice on the My Posing Coach Podcast is unmissable.⁣

3:57 Maria shares her nutrition experience and the value of hands-on experience in the Supplements Industry to deepen and extend her comprehensive nutrition knowledge.⁣

9:27 The health advice Maria provides to her elderly mother, that will support all ages and fitness levels.⁣

12:13 Maria's sister's impressive Competition Prep experience.⁣

16:13 I ask Maria about her athletic past in netball and softball, what led her to the world of Bodybuilding?⁣

24:50 “I was inspired by her physique, I wanted to learn more”.⁣

26:10 Maria's experience with Elite Model Agency and her chance to be recruited as a Puma Model.⁣

32:52 What is the Charles Poliquin Method? Maria shares the components she finds most useful in her clients' programming.⁣

37:39 Maria shares the impressive training of her 73 year old client, Phylis.⁣

40:21 I ask Maria to share her history at City Gym and what makes City Gym's environment so special.⁣

44:22 We get updated on Maria's current clients, like Lucy who is competing in IFBB Pro physique.