On this episode of the My Posing Coach Podcast, my good friend and client Asher Prior shares the positive experiences and difficult lessons that have inspired her catch phrase "Dare to be your own kind of remarkable". With a grateful approach to training and valuable nutritional lessons for listeners, Asher's advice is second to none.

1:12 The meaning and origin of "Dare to be your own kind of remarkable".

5:30 How Asher deals with her back injury for Competition and manages physical weaknesses.

10:36 The training ritual Asher swears by.

14:51 How Asher was introduced to Bodybuilding.

17:48 The attitude Asher focuses on to improve while avoiding toxic comparison.

23:11 The strategies Asher uses to stay on track while travelling.

29:52 The experience of finally receiving her Pro Card.

31:07 Asher's winning diet advice.

42:30 The issues with online coaching and why it isn't for her.

51:17 Asher's experience falling off track and how she regained focus and motivation to make her Competition return.

Asher Prior

My Posing Coach