When should I start practicing my posing?

When should I start practicing my posing?

“It’s connecting, it’s storytelling, it’s visionary, it’s transcending and it’s most definitely entertainment!”– 2x Mr Olympia Classic Physique Champion Breon Ansley  

Posing for most is an after-thought when preparing for a competition. Most preps are consumed by weight-training, cardio, juggling family, friends, trying to function at work and making time for meal prep. Sadly posing is something that receives very little attention.

Our personal priorities override the “how to be a successful and competitive athlete” priorities.

Cardio and weight sessions are important but so are elements including quality sleep, our ability to visualise success, stretching, mobility, recovery modalities and last but not least, POSING AND ROUTINE CHOREOGRAPHY!

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some of the greatest posers and performers in the bodybuilding industry. I asked 2x Mr Olympia Breon Ansley how much time he dedicates to posing. His answer, “an hour every day without fail”.

Just to put it into perspective, over a standard 16week prep, most posing clients see me once, possibly twice the week prior to their show for an hour! Breon has already accumulated 112hours of dedicated posing practice during this same time! Imagine how much better you could be if you dedicated even a quarter of the time he manages!

Our priorities as competitors are all wrong. Not one thing is more important, or worth more than the other. They are all crucial elements requiring equal amount of time, energy and sacrifice…

  • If you fail to follow your diet, it could cost you the win! 
  • If you skip a session in the gym, it could cost you the win! 
  • If you fail to hit a pose perfectly, it could cost you the win!   

Why are we so lazy and lacking commitment when it comes to posing?

Four of the most commonly asked posing questions include:
  1. When should I come and see you for my first posing lesson? 
  2. How often should I be posing? 
  3. Should I wait until I’m leaner before starting to pose?
  4. Can you fit me in for a posing lesson the day/week before my show?
My answer is always the same...

Come and learn to pose, practice to pose and choreograph your routine as early as possible…I don’t care if you’re “FAT”! I don’t care if you’re in the depths of your off-season. There’s plenty to work on without me being able to see the striations in your glutes.

Don’t avoid doing what you know you need to do in order to be your best on stage!  

My posing tips:
  • Get in early 
  • Practice whilst you haven’t begun to diet your brain away and your calories are in a surplus 
  • Give yourself a chance to learn and retain new poses and techniques so it becomes second nature
  • Minimise the stress by being organised and prepared

Confidence of stage comes from knowing you’ve done the hard work, you’ve practiced and repeated the right things so often they’ve become second nature.

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