Routine Choreography can be designed together with the Posing Coach face to face or via pre-recorded Video Tutorial sent direct to the athlete. The level of input the client has for the design and choreography of the routine is entirely up to the individual.

Music must be supplied via email, pre-cut and edited to the exact time specified by the federation and must not contain explicit or offensive language.

If the time allocated by the federation is 60 seconds per routine, please do not send music that exceeds this. For example, 61 seconds in length will not be deemed acceptable.

Routine Choreography does not include cutting and editing of music.

Routines exceeding 90seconds such as Pro Guest Pose Routine are quoted individually.

Helpful Hints
  • Include pictures of poses you would like to incorporate
  • Send links to routines via YouTube specifying details you enjoy and would like to use as an example
  • List poses you would like to avoid or you are not good at
  • List injuries or limitations that may cause difficulty such as a bad knee, cannot kneel down etc
  • Specify if you’re to walking on stage to music or start onstage to music