About Amy

A versatile and highly experienced Australian posing coach, Amy is an accomplished teacher and choreographer for male and female competitors, from first timers to seasoned professional athletes across many categories and federations world-wide.

Amy is a respected personal trainer and professional athlete specialising in online coaching, mentoring and lecturing within the Bodybuilding and Fitness community. In 2014 Amy was the first female to win a Women’s Physique Pro Card with the IFBB Pro League Australia. This achievement further encouraged Amy’s passion for posing and to perfect the art of stage presentation.

The fitness industry has taken off in recent years with more individuals interested in getting on stage in contest shape than ever before. Amy has established one of the most successful and professional posing businesses in the world.

Professional Posing and Training Experience

Amy is fuelled by her passion for posing, bodybuilding and fitness. Her energy and enthusiasm can be felt by her clients often in the midst of their contest preparation.

Considering herself a ‘forever student’; Amy is eager to build upon her skills and stay in tune with the latest trends and information. She enjoys attending courses, educational events and networking, being actively involved in her ever-changing industry as a Personal Trainer, International Judge, Bodybuilding Coach, Fitness Lecturer and Online Tutor. Constantly enhancing her professional development and skillset is very important to her.

Amy is an in-house educator, mentor and program developer for established fitness professionals. She contracts for educational & professional instructional fitness and posing video tutorials around the world. She has happily lectured Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness and Dip. Sport & Recreation Management in Australia for many years.

From 2008, Amy ran a successful corporate fitness and massage business, coordinating services for major Australian mining companies such as BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Woodside Oil & Gas and McMahon Services.

Amy has experience managing numerous supplement and sports nutrition stores across the country and loves the ever-changing sport supplement industry all of which have contributed to her understanding of the human body today.

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