Posing Philosophy

My Posing Coach content is relevant and up to date, totally independent of any federation. Amy’s coaching techniques have evolved throughout her career which began in Perth, Western Australia in 2009. 

Polished posing and flawless, well thought out choreography provide the competitor with confidence and audiences with so much entertainment. Posing well can mean the difference between winning and losing, so it makes sense to take your posing lessons as seriously as you would take your workouts and nutrition. 

Amy is delighted to finally share with you many tips and tricks and possible to help you become the best competitor you can be. Learn her unique posing blue print. Use it, build upon it and add your own creative flare. Work with Amy to personalise these steps to suit your federation, physique and personality.

Amy is extremely thorough in every aspect of her coaching. Some of the things you know you will get trained by Amy include: 
  1. Is 100% accuracy-driven with a meticulous eye for detail 

  2. Modifying poses around injuries, imbalances and tight muscles whilst offering long term solutions 

  3. Creatively cues in three dimensions; visually, verbally and kinaesthetically to ensure information is easily recalled post-lesson 

  4. Implements corrections, adjustments and routine sequences uniquely intended to enhance the individual’s stage presentation 

  5. Selects poses that flatter the individual’s personality and ability whilst remaining within the rules 

  6. Creating signature poses 

  7. Teaches strategies to overcome difficult and intimidating on-stage scenarios 

  8. Choreographing fluid transitions and footwork patterns 

  9. Varying complexity of poses based on ability 

  10. Educates individuals to better understand their muscles, movement and coordination

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