Posing Packages

Pack of 10 personalised posing evaluations

Packages create a tangible means for the athlete to assess their success and an early means for detecting weakness and bad habits that must be addressed and/or corrected, ensuring the best possible athlete hits the stage come show day.

These packages offer the opportunity to build confidence by completely understanding what is required. Having a coach than can mentor and provide constructive feedback will build confidence and nothing builds confidence like regular, thorough practice!

1hour Posing Sessions can cover: 
  • Identifying areas in need of improvement
  • Easy to understand drills, skills and warm ups
  • Coordination and unique posing sequences
  • Exercises to enhance poses
  • Federation specific poses and stage layout
  • Learn transitions, choreography, stage walks and presentation requirements
Your posing coach is Australia’s first IFBB Physique Pro Amy Fox who has been teaching posing professionally since 2009 both internationally and across Australia.